Senior Citizens Select Care – A Preview Of What To Expect

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Senior Citizens Select Care – A Preview Of What To Expect

Senior Home Companion Services long island are a network of elderly care professionals who offer a variety of services to support the lives of our elders. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our aging and disabled citizens; while providing them with assistance in maintaining their independence. We recognize that our aging population is one of the fastest growing segments of the American population; resulting in a significant increase in the need for services and products designed to improve the lives of our seniors in both the short and long term. The services we provide enhance their quality of life and extend their lifespan. Through a variety of programs, we help them remain in their homes and in community, while reducing the financial impact on their families.

“In Home Care in Hackensack, NJ – Senior Home Companion Services offer personalized elder care in conjunction with Medicaid, providing much needed assistance between government programs and family needs.” – Elder Care Resource Guide, ABA. Services provided by these caregivers include assistance with personal care, housekeeping, medical treatment and instruction. Services may also include emotional and family support, transportation, bathing and dressing, medication management, shopping, medication reminders, and similar tasks. In addition, home care companions provide assistance with everyday tasks including light housekeeping, meal planning and household management.

“In home services offer many benefits including, but not limited to: freedom, independence, decreased stress, safety, and enhanced coping skills. Elderly home services can be a significant influence in the quality of life for our elders. The services provided by companion care professionals help to support and encourage independence for seniors. Independence allows them to seek new activities or recover from health problems. Elderly home services also help to restore self-reliance and reduce dependence on others.” – Elder Care Planning Association, Inc. in Fort Collins, CO.

Companion Care provides many services to senior home services recipients who are either living in their own apartments or are in a skilled nursing facility. Senior companions provide supervision, therapy, medical care, social services, safety services and safety precautions. Some companion caregivers work in home or in an assisted living facility. They have various specialties including psychiatric, emotional, psychiatric, physical, and life management aides. Some companions are assigned as full-time caretakers, while others may only be available to provide supervision.

“Most people in home caregiver roles have some degree of training in the medical field and most live in an area where medical care is needed. Live-in aides are required to meet rigorous training requirements before working at home. Live-in aides must pass a background, drug and alcohol test, a physical exam, CPR certification, and a competency exam. In home caregivers are required to complete an extensive training program, receive continuing education and participate in a performance management system.” – US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Table 6

The Home Phone Show is one of the few places where you will find comprehensive profiles of senior in home healthcare providers. You will also find a preview of the upcoming Senior Citizens Select Care Program. This is a nationwide, not-for-profit agency that is responsible for evaluating senior in home care agencies and making recommendations to the states. This agency also offers consumers a free preview of their latest report and a list of their top twenty service indicators, as well as an online news feed with up-to-date reports. Other highlights include:

“The inhome companion care services market is rapidly expanding. It’s projected to continue growing at a fast rate through 2021, adding substantially to the number of older Americans who receive long-term medical care from a trusted caregiver. In the last two years, many of the nation’s largest and most well-known nursing agencies have entered into partnerships with in home care providers, in order to provide these providers with a consistent stream of patients. According to the National Association of Home Care Aides, this will increase the demand for caretakers, in addition to creating more need for in home aides.”

In summary, the new Senior Citizens Select Care System is offering detailed information on the new industry as well as an advanced preview of their national report. You will find information on the companion care industry, their growing demand, their industry value proposition, what the industry needs are, information on how they go about selecting service providers, how they evaluate them and much more. If you are interested in learning about this industry, or in senior home care service, you will find everything you need to know on their home phone, including how to become an in home care aide, about medical watch programs, about health care training and much more. This is an outstanding industry that is changing the lives and futures of thousands of seniors in the USA.